The Dynamic Digital Map of Clark Brothers Orchards

Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
By Heather A Clark

Links to download the latest cross-platform, web-enabled versions of the Dynamic Digital Map of Clark Brothers Orchards are found below...

Clark Brothers Orchards, located in the Apple Valley section of Ashfield, Massachusetts, is a fifth-generation family farm in a setting that is both pleasing to the eye and spirit and uniquely well suited to growing apples. The farm was founded in the late 1800s by Herbert and Bertha Clark and is currently owned and operated by Aaron, Brian and Dana Clark.

The Dynamic Digital Map (DDM) of Clark Brothers Orchards is an interactive map of the farm. The DDM includes two types of maps (topographic and orthophoto), camera icons for more than 100 pictures of the farm (many of them aerial obliques), and two QuickTime panoramic movies, one made with images from Nasa World Wind and one made with 3-D topographic maps from Mass GIS. The program supplies a "FIND" feature that will center the map on the location of a selected feature. Several articles tell different aspects of the history of the farm and the Clark family, and there is an article with some general information about apples and links to related websites.