The Dynamic Digital Map of UMass Amherst

Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
By Wren Bruce and Chris Condit - Updated 2014-06-16

Links to download the latest cross-platform, web-enabled versions of the Dynamic Digital Map of the Dynamic Digital map of UMass are found below.

How many of you were lost on your first day of college? Don't be one of the freshman, visitors, or transfer students who have no idea where to begin looking for their destinations, wandering aimlessly, armed only with flimsy olden-fashioned campus maps that only show buildings in 2-D and nothing of smaller walkways or the surroundings, like trees or hedges or other students.

The Dynamic Digital Map of UMass-Amherst is an interactive map of campus. The DDM includes three types of maps (topographic, orthophoto, and the generic campus sketch map), camera icons for 180 pictures (many of them aerial obliques) of campus and QuickTime panoramic movies and two fly arounds. For the unfamiliar, the program supplies a "FIND" list that centers the map on the location of a selected feature. A brief article gives a "Wren's eye view" of UMass, and another one gives some details about what its alumnae describe as the best liked outfit on campus, the Department of Geosciences.