Downloads of the Dynamic Digital Map
of the Tatara-San Pedro Volcanic Complex (DDM-TSP)

(Cross-Platform Stand-Alone Programs Made with Revolution)

Christopher D. Condit
Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
National Science Foundation - Grant # DUE-CCLI-0127331 2002-2006

Welcome to the location with links to download the latest cross-platform, web enabled versions of the Dynamic Digital Map of the Tatara-San Pedro Volcanic Complex (DDM-TSP), an Andean arc volcano in east-central Chile. A multi-field season effort spearheaded by Mike Dungan resulted in what is arguably the best geologically characterized Andean arc volcano; this DDM displays the initial results of that work. The DDM displays four thematic maps of the complex, which include variations between the Singer and others, 1997 purely geologic map and a purely satellite derived map). It includes 263 images (including many aerial and NASA World Wind satellite obliques) and QuickTime panoramas, over 600 major and trace element whole-rock chemical analyses and paleomagnetic polarity data from 593 sites and over 60 K-Ar and 40Ar/39Ar dates (all downloadable). Most samples are linked to a site located in a photo or on the map. Also included are two articles, with figures; one a brief introduction to the geologic and tectonic setting of the complex, the other an introduction to the geochemistry of the volcano, based on the first chapter of Andrew Wulff's 1998 dissertation at UMass-Amherst. The DDM was used as a basis for undergraduate petrology class exercises as described by Dr. Teri Boundy in a paper in the Journal of Geoscience Education (Boundy and Condit, 2004).

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