Downloads of the Open Source Program Code for the Dynamic Digital Map Template (DDM-Template) to be used with LiveCode (formerly Revolution), DDM File Directories, Learning Documents and DDM-Cookbook

Christopher D. Condit
Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
National Science Foundation - Grant # DUE-CCLI-0127331 2002-2006 and NSF-EAR-0949328, 2010-2013

Use the links below to download the files you need to make your own DDM. The download links are divided into five parts, including: (1) The DDM- Template, which is the open source code, essentially a shell you modify to make your own DDM, using the programming environment LiveCode (formerly Revolution). This includes the Template file directories, which are the folders or directories into which you place your map files, images and movies so your DDM can access them (replacing those included for use by the DDM-Template). (2) The DDM-Updater , which is a program used to apply bug fixes and add capability to existing DDMs that were built starting with an earlier DDM-Template. You load open the DDMUpdater stack in LiveCode (formerly Revolution) after you open an existing DDM, and apply the changes by clicking on buttons in the Updater. Always back up existing DDMs and retain them before using the Updater, and test the new version after the updater is applied. (3) Ten short videos introducing you to the LiveCode (formerly Revolution) programming environment. (4) A "Learning Documents" archive that contains files on how to make DDMs. It includes (a) A tutorial document that introduces you to working in the LiveCode (formerly Revolution) programming environment. (b) A second tutorial that steps you through just the bare-bones of how to make a basic DDM from pre-assembled files, using the DDM-Template. (c) Several text documents, used to help you format the lists for the map and image DDM indexes, (d) A file renamer utility (an update of September 2006, with the Mac version now a Universal application), and (e) A pdf file of the DDM-Cookbook (see 5 next). (5) The DDM-Cookbook, in pdf format, which is a detailed guide in how to use the above componets, to make your own DDM. To use the Cookbook I assume you have already invested the eight or so hours it will take to work through the videos and the tutorials included in the "Learning Documents" archive. Information about, and a trial (30 day) version of LiveCode (formerly Revolution) can be obtained from .
View a pdf file with changes to Template from 2006-10-30 to 2010-10-18 ddm- changes.pdf

(1) DDM-Template Source Code and File Directories

(2) DDM-Updater

  • DDM_Updater2010-07-29.rev - A LiveCode (formerly Revolution) program used to extend capability and fix bugs to existing DDMs. Sent in a folder with 24 other *.rev replacement/update stacks as a Zip archive for All Windows (Win 98, 2000, XP, Win 7) AND All Macintosh OSX computers.
    ddm_ (2.6 MB) as sent in zip archive, 23 MB uncompressed)

(3) LiveCode (formerly Revolution) Videos

  • LiveCode (formerly Revolution) Videos - The ten short LiveCode (formerly Revolution) videos sent as a Zip archive for All Windows (Win 98, 2000, XP, Win 7) AND All Macintosh OSX computers (61.5 MB as sent in zip archive, 63 MB uncompressed)

(4) DDM-Learning Documents

  • ddm-Learning Docs - The files of the DDM-Learning Documents folder (updated 09 May 2009) sent as a Zip archive for All Windows (Win 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7) AND All Macintosh OSX computers
    ddm- (87 MB compressed, ~94 MB uncompressed)

(5) The LiveCode (formerly Revolution) DDM-Cookbook - as a pdf document

  • Download (~22 MB) the April 6, 2009 version of the LiveCode (formerly Revolution) DDM-Cookbook, a pdf document for all computers describing how anyone can make DDMs using LiveCode 5.5.1 (and Revolution 2.9 to 4.0) and the DDM-Template. The Cookbook contains detailed information and screen grabs guiding the DDM maker on all the steps needed to create their own DDM. To be used with the DDM-Template and DDM Template Files (note: you will not need this if you downloaded the "Learning Dcouments" above since it is included in that archive)

    Go here to see what DDMs are and how you can make them.

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