Downloads of the Dynamic Digital Map of
Patagonia, South America:

Paleomagnetic Secular Variation Studies
Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Links to download the latest cross-platform, web-enabled versions of the Dynamic Digital Map of Patagonia, SA are found below.

Welcome to the latest version of the Dynamic Digital Map of Paleomagnetic Secular Variation Studies of Patagonia (DDM-Patagonia). This DDM displays the location of over 130 paleomagnetic sites in southern Patagonia (Argentina) collected over the last few years. Eight map segments, made from NASA World Wind satellite images program are available as a starting point. Each site is plotted a map segment, which is liked to a listing of paleomagnetic results, when available, along with any existing geochronologic data. Also connected are over 290 geologic and site photographs, 15+ QuickTime movies, 360 degree pans, pdfs of published data, and other pertinent geologic and geophysical data. This is a work in progress, so please check back often to see the latest up-dates. Information on the PASADO project (ICDP drilling at Laguno Poike Aike) will be incorporated into this DDM as the project progresses. Comments and critisms of this effort are encouraged to