Downloads of the Dynamic Digital Map
of Davis Pyrite Mine, Rowe MA(DDM-Davismine)

(Cross-Platform Stand-Alone Programs Made with Revolution)

Jessica E. Bloom
Department of Geosciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Links to download the latest cross-platform, web enabled versions of the Dynamic Digital Map of the Davis Mine (DDM-DavisMine) are found below.

The Davis Pyrite Mine is in Rowe, MA, which is located about four miles north of the town of Charlemont in the Berkshire Mountains of northwestern Massachusetts. The mine collapsed in 1910 due to poor mining practices and closed, leaving near the mine shaft about 3ha of waste rock from the mine, known as tailings piles. The groundwater and streamwater flowing from the tailings pile area at Davis Pyrite Mine is highly acidic with sulfuric acid and contaminates the local Davis Mine Brook and surrounding watershed. Luckily, the Davis Pyrite Mine is unique in that it has naturally occurring attenuation (weakening) of acid mine drainage.

The long-term goal of this project is to describe how natural attenuation occurs in the hopes that it can be encouraged at other contaminated sites. The purpose of this Dynamic Digital Map is to provide a visual tour of the acid mine drainage and subsequent natural attenuation, as well as provide a guide to the location of each streamwater sampling site and multi-level well. The DDM contains 69 images and three QuickTime VR panoramic movies of the site, each with a figure caption, and a topographic map of the area, divided into three detailed maps.

The downloads are standalone programs that run without other software. The programs access their data [maps and images (in jpeg format), and movies] from a file server at UMass, using the web to transfer the images, thus requiring fast internet connections. All DDMs can access data from CDs or Hard Drives, if the data is available in those locations. To see any included movies, both Windows and Mac based computers must have the latest QuickTime Player installed (free from Apple for both platforms, at Computers with less than 128 MB of free RAM will run these programs very slowly at best.

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