Downloads of the Extended Dynamic Digital Map of
Gale Crater-2012-10-20, Mars (EDDM-Gale-Crater) with a 64-bit Compliant Stand-Alone made 2020-05-09

Designed and written by Jess McBeck
Advised by Chris Condit
Department of Geosciences - University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Funded by NASA through a Massachusetts Space Consortium Grant - 2012

Extended Dynamic Digital Maps (EDDMs) are perhaps best described as a computerized, self-authored, interactive textbook. This software enables people to easily gather and present data so that users of the EDDM may actively absorb whatever material the designer of the EDDM decides to include. In this example, we designed the EDDM of Gale Crater to teach people about the geology of Gale Crater, which is currently the home of the most sophisticated NASA Mars Rover - Curiosity.

EDDM-Gale Crater hosts six thematic maps, including:
(1). A geologic map, which is the detailed geologic map of Gale Crater provided by Brad Thompson of the Boston University Center for Remote Sensing (Thompson, et al., 2010), ;
(2). A THEMIS map, a global mosaic derived from the Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging System;
(3). A MOLA map, a global shaded relief elevation map derived from the Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter data);
(4). A Viking orbiter map, a global mosaic made from Viking Orbiter images
(5). A HiRise map, a global mosaic made from High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment images;
(6). A Hubble Telescope map, a global mosaic made from Hubble Telescope images; and

(7). In addition EDDM-Gale-Crater contains a diverse suite of images including over 40 captured by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE). EDDM-Gale Crater also provides more than 25 articles written by Jess (dated circa 2012-10-20) that span subjects from the possible origins of the peak of Gale Crater to the goals of NASAs Mars Exploration Program. The included movies describe the difficulties of selecting a landing site for Curiosity, landing Curiosity on Mars and several other dynamic topics.

Currently, the EDDM software is only available for Macintosh operating systems, although when Chris made the 64-bit compliant Stand Alone for the Mac, using LiveCode 9.5.1, a Windows executable was also made, which has not been tested due to the Corona virus restrictions. We include that 64-bit Win app version in the zip file posted. To view the movies of EDDM-Gale-Crater your computer must have QuickTime Player installed.

To run the software :

(1). Click to download a 491 MB zipped folder that contains the application and associated data.
(2). Unzip the folder
(3). Open the folder and run the application

Do not move from the folder EDDM-Gale-Crater-MAC
If is in the same folder as its data then the program will automatically locate this folder when you run it. If is not in the same folder as its data then you must locate the folder that contains this data, which we term the data folder of the EDDM, after you open this program. A window will prompt you to locate the data folder immediately after you open the program.

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Updated May 10, 2020

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